The extended shelf life of our product allows for quality and convenience, as it is not necessary to dispose of a cold chain for its distribution and maintenance. Thanks to this process, the product posses a better food security and the shelf life is up to 6 months at room temperature (bellow 75°F).
The fruit pulp is submitted to a process of continuous thermal flow, at a 212°F temperature during 115 seconds, which assures effective destruction of the bacterial spores resistance to heat. After an immediate cooling at room temperature and aseptic filling in sterile bags, with light barrier to oxygen, it allows the product to be commercial sterility tested.
This shelf life product keeps the flavor and protects the physicochemical, nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, therefore you have a 100% natural juice anytime.


The Company

Wislla is excited to bring tropical fruits of Colombia to the West Coast, such as guava, lulo, passion fruit, strawberry and more. Innovate your beer with these unique purées by adding a greater variety of flavors and richness.

The Products

Our purées do not require refrigeration, as the pulp is aseptic. The shelf life is up to 18 months at room temperature (below 75 F).