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About Wislla!

Flavors and Richness

Wislla Aseptic Fruit Purees is a Wholesaler and Distributor of premium aseptic natural fruit purees is excited to bring tropical fruits of Colombia to the West Coast, such as guava, lulo, passion fruit, strawberry and more. Innovate your beer with these unique purées by adding a greater variety of flavors and richness. We so delivery to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento and all California and west coast area.

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Sacrament Brewing has created life to the Bride of Mango-Stein, brewed with our lulo and mango purées. 

Wondering what is lulo?
Asks us for a sample for your next brew.

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Craft Beer, Seltzer And Cider

Crafting the next noteworthy beer, cider or seltzer? We have what you need! Our aseptically packaged tropical fruit puree will add the flavor you are looking for!

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Bakery And Desserts

Try our fruit puree to make the most delicious pastries and desserts.

Sugar Free

Sorbet And Ice Cream

Our fruit purees require no refrigeration due to their aseptic packaging. Make delicious frozen treats using our quality purees! Explore all the tropical fruit we have to offer.

100 Natural

Amazing Fruited Beers

Some of the best beers on the market are flavored with fruit purees. Whether you are a commercial or home brewer, expand your beer selection by utilizing amazing fruits in your recipes. Our favorite combinations are sour beers flavored with passion fruit and cherry stouts and pale ales with hints of orange and mango. Try something new or elevate some of your favorite flavors with our bold, sun-ripened aseptic fruit flavors.



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