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Few Words About Us

When you chose Wislla to create fruit infused beers, you are supporting a family run business and Colombian small farmers who grow the fresh fruit. We are excited to bring these delicious tropical fruits in high quality purée form to the West Coast.

Captivate the taste of your customers when you infuse your brewing recipes with the unforgettable flavors of our exotic fruit purées. Bring your brews to life by incorporating the creamy tartiness of guava, the sweet aroma of passion fruit, and/or the deep purple color of blackberry. All fruits are handpicked at the peak of ripeness by growers who have been harvesting fresh Colombian fruit for generations.

why we are unique

What makes our product unique?

                         Our purées do not require freezing, as the pulp is aseptic. This extends the shelf life of the fruits by 6 months, through a processes utilizing a specialized aseptic filling machine and a high barrier packaging. The packaging was originally used by the dairy industry and has been specified to fit our needs.

Why is it important to have an aseptic pulp?

                             Our purées do not need to take up freezer space. The shelf life is up to 18 months at room temperature (below 75 F).

What certifications can WISLLA provide?

                              Wislla is certified Kosher, ISO 22000, INVIMA and more. Technical data sheets for the extended shelf life pulp is available online at eng.alimentossas.com.

Where can more information about Wislla products be found?

Please visit our parent company at eng.alimentossas.com and/or follow us on social media:


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